Never tire

of haze fishing, and the season will end this month, so I got a trip in today.  This time of year there are always good views of a snow-covered Mt. Fuji.

It was very cold, although my charcoal hand-warmer and Soviet Navy fur hat – and my flask of coffee, very strong, scalding hot with a pinch of salt and treble-shotted with brandy – helped stave off the bitterness of the air and luckily there wasn’t much wind about.  The haze were fairly game apart from when the water was completely slack, and of a good size, edible even as sashimi.  I for one, am very keen on eating their roe.

This specimen was probably the biggest haze I have ever caught, and I couldn’t stop laughing after landing this one.  Its head alone was as thick as two of my fingers; I am surprised it didn’t damage my rod just from its weight alone.  I will show this beast to the craftsman who made my rod, who will no doubt be pleased.


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