Year-end gluttony

Although here in the Mystic East the 25th is a normal working day, some of the natives here have acquired the curious habit of eating the atrocious KFC as a kind of Christmas celebration, but as I find their dishes singularly revolting, I cooked at home instead.  I planned on roasting a duck, but as I couldn’t find a nice fat specimen I went for beef Wellington instead. Anyway, if you are celebrating, I wish you happy holidays and good fortune for the New Year.

The pastry came out tolerably well, but the meat wanted a little more roasting; although I like my beef very rare, this is a taste not shared by the mem’sahib.  To go with some of Mr. Mumm’s excellent champagne I made some assorted bruschetta, my favourite being those made with sea urchin eggs…

Roasted spuds went on the side with the meat, and disappeared remarkably quickly.  I tried to find a good horseradish at an imported foods store here, but in vain.  I went for a nice Dijon mustard instead to go with the beef, and went with a traditional demi glace-Marsala sauce on the side as well.  I must confess to buying my demi glace ready-made, since I am not a gentleman of leisure and really didn’t have the day or so to prepare it myself at hand.  Everything else though, was made from scratch.

I also should mention I went fishing for haze again…with the water being slack most of the day, it was tough fishing but at least it was not as cold as last week; of the fish I caught most were rather middling-sized bucks, but amongst the catch were a few large, gravid females.  I extracted the roes, added them to the pickling jar and then ate the fish as tenpura.


3 responses to “Year-end gluttony

  1. Ok, that’s it!
    I am filing for divorce and marrying you. If just for your cooking.

  2. Can’t we just get along in a polyandrous marriage?

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