Completed Lacquering

I put the final coat of lacquer on my haze rod last night, and when I rose this morning I was so excited to see the results I forgot my state of undress when recording the happy moment:

The next step is to fire and re-straighten the rod, as it becomes slightly warped by the lacquering process, then wrap the pegs for holding line around the handle.  I have also started a new lacquering project, after buying this carved bait-box; I will be lacquering the inside red, and its exterior the same reddish-brown finish as the haze rod.

My next rod will be one for herabuna fishing.


4 responses to “Completed Lacquering

  1. Sweet bait box, bub!

  2. Cheers, hopefully my lacquering will be an improvement on it!
    The first link in the Links on the right – いなり町東作 – will take you to the shop I bought it from, they have quite an interesting selection…

  3. Dear Sirs,
    I have a question for you.
    I’m trying a fishing rod in bamboo, made in Japan, not a fly rod, but a rod that I can use at lake.
    Can you help me?

    Best regards,


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