Dried Wakasagi

I dried the survivors on my balcony.  Right now in Tokyo the winter days and nights are very dry, and such small fish as these are done in an evening.  The zippered net keeps enterprising avians, felines and arthropods off my precious haul.

I just had time to bring in the fish before heading off to work; the fish look just about right and will make excellent eating.

The fish will keep in this state, bagged and refrigerated, for several weeks.  Personally I have doubts they will survive my attentions long enough, to putrefy.

Once grilled, they are excellent as-is, but I experimented by dipping them in various condiments, such as the native fermented chilli-bean paste kanzuri, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, ketchup and another native preparation of ground green chillies and yuzu called yuzu koshoh.  In all, I found mayonnaise with a shaking of cayenne pepper to be the most palateable.


One response to “Dried Wakasagi

  1. Darned arthropods!

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