Although you could argue anglers likewise, without question a rodmaker’s most important tool is probably his knife, and here in Japan there is a special native knife that does very well for bamboo and all the various tasks associated with rod building.  In fact my teacher, who loans me the use of all his other equipment, insisted that I bought and brought with me my own knife before ever letting me step into his workshop.  I had to sharpen mine this weekend, and got it keener than even my kitchen knives (which are usually sharp enough to shave with).  There is no handle and you can sharpen the blade to any kind of point or angle you wish for a specific purpose in mind; in fact I have another blade with a vicious dagger point, that is used to remove the “skin”, or bark if you like, of the bamboo.  Actually I need to buy another one to use specifically to remove the “eyes” or buds, which are the hardest part of the bamboo, and a very difficult stage in making a bamboo fishing rod.


2 responses to “Stuff

  1. I would argue that a man’s knife is his most important tool in almost any environment. Especially if he is in an outdoor environment.

  2. Yes definitely. But unfortunately here in Japan carrying almost any type of knife can get you in trouble; I’ve even stopped carrying my pen-knife.

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