Fly-Fisherman’s Fish and Chips

Made with rainbow trout fillets.  Otherwise the batter was the usual, as I use with the cod I catch up in Iwate.  It came out surprisingly well, seeing as I roused out the complete dish on return from work in about fifteen minutes.  The fish was tolerably good, very flakey and moist and a sight better than some of the more sordid varieties of fish and chips made with sea-fish, that I have sampled in my time.


5 responses to “Fly-Fisherman’s Fish and Chips

  1. That looks beautifully golden! I can’t find any good fish and chips in NYC outside of the Jamaican neighborhood I lived in Brooklyn.
    Share batter recipe!

  2. Amy:
    Flour+a little cornflour+an egg yolk+pinch salt & cayenne pepper ditto+and then mix in enough light beer to make a fairly thick batter. Use straight away…easy.

    And have a meetha paan afterwards!

  3. Thanks! It must be the cornflour and beer that does it. Yes meetha paan:)

  4. Amy: sorry I can’t give you exact proportions, but it is not necessary to be precise with this batter. Some people add a pinch of baking soda too. Season the fish lightly with salt and white pepper a few minutes before battering. Good luck!

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