New project

I have started making a bamboo-handled net for herabuna fishing.  The hard part – the net – I bought ready-made from Casting, all I have to do is fashion the bamboo to fit its plug and then lacquer it.  Since you fish for hera in the seated position, the handle needs to be quite long to reach the water; this one is 3 shaku in length, a bit under a metre.   Also, my hera rod is still a work in progress.  I need to take it to my teacher’s workplace to fit the tip to the rod, which is quite a difficult process and one I can’t do myself at home.


11 responses to “New project

  1. Do you buy bamboo or go into the hills and choose your own wild bits?

  2. Chris,
    The bamboo needs to be cut, stripped and then dried, bug-free, in storage for a number of months or better, years; I buy it ready-to-use. out of convenience!
    Also, wild bamboo generally won’t do for rods, as it clumps up and grows into fantastic shapes; the groves need to be thinned out by hand regularly to stop crowding, and well looked after.

  3. It’s another one of my potential leads for future career…bamboo farmer.

  4. I’ll work the fields with you.

  5. or, I guess it would be forests?

  6. Groves, perhaps?

  7. Chris I suspect that were we to go into such a business venture together, we would rapidly resemble the Drunk Bakers from Viz.

  8. Suppose that’s better than being Johnny Fartpants and the Cockney Wanker!

  9. Well I’m English so presumably I’d be the Cockney Wanker, therefore you must be Johnny Fartpants. PARP!

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