Landing net progress

I finally got the plug to fit the bamboo handle, on my hera/mabuna landing net.  This is one of the hardest parts of any rod making – if you file too much wood away from either surface, it is ruined – but after a few weeks of slowly shaving away the bamboo inner surface of the handle, the fit is good.  The next step is to lacquer the handle completely, and also the rather unsightly raw wood of the plug, and then the net is ready to use.



6 responses to “Landing net progress

  1. Nice work, bub!

  2. Chris, wait till it is finished! Who knows how it will turn out…I stopped by the urushi shop today; I am in an experimenting mood.

  3. A perfect accessory to your hand made fishing rod! Adam, I dream of the day when I can join you on some of these fishing trips, not to mention enjoy your (IMO) famous cooking.

  4. Hi Clive, Hi Jon, thanks!
    And you know you are always welcome here in Japan; I am sure between Chris and myself we could find some interesting fishing action for you.

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