Back from Omaezaki



8 responses to “Back from Omaezaki

  1. 御前崎のイサギですか。そちらではイサキ、和歌山では皆イサギといいます。


  2. Shinさん、

  3. Just look at that beard. Who do you think you are, Grizzly Adams?!

  4. Chris,
    Yes. Need to work on the bear-taming though.
    My beard has been much longer in the past, at one stage it used to get caught in the zipper of my waterproof jacket.

  5. Hi Adam,

    Great site. I sent a PM regarding your fishing invite posted on inquiring whether there were spots still available. Thanks.

  6. guanoisland,
    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and posting.
    I just sent you a PM on Fishing Japan.

  7. I reckon we both ought to move to Hokkaido and grow great big bushy beards.

  8. Will we have shotguns?

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