Yet to tire

of tanago fishing.

My fishing buddy snagged a non-native fish, one that set my culinary cogs working and my salivary glands going…this one’s going in the pot:

Many thanks as always to Mr. S!


3 responses to “Yet to tire

  1. Dude! Is that a little bullhead!?!

  2. Chris, not sure. Or maybe a channel cat? Perhaps a more informed angler can enlighten me. It is a cat with dorsal and lateral spines that have a wicked sawback edge.
    Apparently they were imported into Japan as a food fish many years ago, and have been a pest ever since.
    I fried it Southern-style and it ate fairly well.

  3. a bit difficult to tell from the photo, but it looks to me like a nice little black bullhead. A tasty little fish. White flesh? Or Orange/Yellowish? Tough as nails, little fish. I can see them being a pest.
    Looks rather small for a channel. A channel is also more silvery (and maybe a wider mouth), I think. A channel can put up a wicked fight and easily break light test lines.
    If you ever get to Canada, the channels and bullheads are good fun.

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