Aji (保存食の編)

Leftover aji were dried or smoked.  When salt-cured and dried overnight, they make a pretty good breakfast, grilled and then the flesh flaked into hot rice with chopped shiso leaves, nori seaweed and toasted sesame seeds.

I smoked a dozen of the aji over a mixture of beech and oak chips.  They came out tolerably well, although I struggled to keep the temperature in the smoker down.  I highly suspect that these fish will end up in a kedgeree.

In this state the fish will keep for weeks, inside the fridge.  These made a good present for the neighbours too.

Next time I will try and experiment with cold-smoking the fish.  I also made some back bacon, which was a little salty but when sliced and grilled it came out just like bacon should be, crispy, curled at the edges and with that pleasant bacon aroma.  I foresee getting plenty of use out of my smoker in the future.


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