Home-Smoked Bacon

My second attempt at smoking pork came to completion last night. This time I used belly pork, with one piece wet- and another dry-cured, and this time they were smoked over sakura cherry chips rather than beech or hickory. 

Since my first attempt ended up rather salty I cut back on the curing time, which although it left the pork salt levels just right, the end product appears a little raw and under-cured once you cut it into rashers.  However, when grilled it comes out just right, crispy and smokey and quite delicious; I made my first proper bacon butty in Japan this morning, and it was a stern effort not to continue toasting bread, slicing and grilling bacon, and eating bacon butties until the pork cut had been consumed in its entirety.


7 responses to “Home-Smoked Bacon

  1. What a yummy bacon!!
    Could you describe me the difference between bacon and gammon?
    Whenever ordering a “bacon and eggs” for lunch time in a pub in Portsmouth, they asked me “gammon and eggs ??”.
    I still don’t get the difference.

  2. Pompey,
    “Bacon” in England usually refers to streaky bacon, i.e., made from cured and smoked belly pork, or back bacon, from the leaner loin. It is usually cut very thin and grilled/fried till crispy, and normally eaten as a breakfast dish. Gammon technically is cured and unsmoked meat from the thigh, although these days the term is probably interchangeable with “ham”. Gammon is usually cut into thick ‘steaks’ and traditionally cooked with pineapple, a natural tenderiser.

  3. Adam,
    Thanks very much for your clear explanation.
    The one ususally served for breakfast together with grilled totmatoe and mushroom etc, that thin crispy one is BACON, and the thick one I usually ate for pub lunch, a bit too salty, is GAMMON.
    Thanks again.
    Looking forward to meeting you somewhere at HAZE -TURI this summer.


  4. ベーコン!家の中でスモークしているのですか?

  5. Pompey,
    See you soon some time during the haze season!

  6. shin-imさん、

  7. mmmmm… bacon.

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