Back from Nakaminato

Not a beast, but one of my favourite saltwater fishes to catch…


9 responses to “Back from Nakaminato

  1. Nice Aburame/Ainame. One of my favorites also. We’ve been weather cancelled up here for three weeks in a row. Trying to get back out next week.

  2. Thanks, I was lucky to snag a couple of big saba as well, and the skipper gave me a hirame he caught. Also inumerable small aji are in the bag, caught when we were sabiki-fishing for iwashi to use as bait in the morning.
    Sorry to hear about the weather up your way, it has been pretty hit-and-miss on Tokyo Bay too, which is one reason I headed up to Ibaraki for this trip.

  3. Adam,
    You’ve got it !!
    So-called in Japan,
    the image of Japanese 633ml brown bottle.

  4. Pompey,
    Thanks, next time I will try to catch a 一升瓶 size!

  5. Sorry Adam,
    I made a miss-touch on the key board that I’ve erased few words in my comment.
    I wanted to say, .
    I am very pleased that you ‘ve got the meaning from my senseless sentence.

  6. I’ve yet to catch one of those of a decent size. Looking forward to some fishing now that I am back!

  7. Chris, you’re alive!
    Fishing is hot work out there at the moment.

  8. just existing is hot work here at the moment! Japan is hot! it amazes me that people think Canada is uninhabitable because it get cold in the winter. how can people live in the heat!?!?

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