Haze rod work

Coming close to completing my haze rod, the second bamboo fishing rod I have made myself.  This is very different to the shirogisu whiting rod which was my first project, and for various reasons has taken nearly a year so far.  Making a haze rod  poses a whole different set of challenges, but it has been good fun and I look forward to using it this season. 

The lacquering of the rod is complete at this stage.

Of course haze rods do not have a reel, or guides; the line is wrapped around pegs near the grip of the rod.  The rod must be drilled by hand to fit the pegs – driving holes through the months’ and months’ worth of pretty lacquering, and fore and aft of each peg the rod is strengthened by wrapping with silk thread and lacquering.  This is at the planning stage.

Pegs in place.  Next I have to drill a hole in the rod for the line to pass into the centre of the bamboo.  After this, the rod needs one last firing, the addition of a small post between the foremost peg and the line entry port to make gripping the line easier, and the fitting of a small steel ferrule to the very tip of the rod where the line comes out.  Haze rods allow a great deal of modification and personalisation; the pegs I chose are made of pine and ivory, and I may priddy the butt slightly by adding a lanyard loop.


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