The weather was glorious today, so much so I removed my jacket and fur hat as actually being too hot to wear; there was no need for my Thermos flask of coffee (so often a lifesaver when winter fishing) trebly-shotted with Bajun rum, although I drank it off anyway.  I was surprised to find I had actually picked up a sunburn today.  One of the main highlights of catching cuttlefish is eating them, on which subject I will post again later; I am ready for bed now.

Thank you for everything, Inkyoya (sailing from Tsurumi River, Yokohama)!


7 responses to “Cuttlefish-fishing

  1. Nice!
    I haven’t been out fishing since September. Busy building my bar.

  2. Can I have a tab at your bar?

  3. free drinks for your cooking

  4. Keep me oiled with two-water grog and I am there. I will even try not to burn the place to the ground whilst cooking.

  5. you’re stuck with a hotplate and an oven/microwave combo. no gas burner..

  6. konbini fare, then

  7. the wife will contribute. as shall i (though not with the skill that you have). and a friend or two… non of that konbini poison!

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