Whiting rod progress

My whiting rod project so far.  This is of course something of a hermaphrodite rod since although I originally laid down all the parts last year, my teacher inspected my work partway and decided that although the butt was good, the middle was not acceptable and told me it would be better to replace that part, for which he kindly gave me a much better piece of bamboo for it.  However, this piece had originally been bespoke for a (now abandoned) separate rod, so I had to saw off the wrapped end and re-work both ends.  I bought a new fibreglass tip and a good reel seat from Sakura, and now it is ready to start fitting the tip.  This is a laborious and complex process, since although you can fire bamboo and bend it into the shape you want, you cannot re-model a glued joint between fibreglass and bamboo once it is in place.  Last time I did this job it took me about 3 weeks.  Once in place and properly dried, I can start the lacquering.


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