Cuttlefish cookery

Tentacles and ‘ears’ blanched and mixed with shredded spring onion and dressed in sweet -vinegar miso.

Tentacles, off-cuts and various random parts braised very lightly in a sauce comprising the livers of the cuttlefish.

Deep-fried cuttlefish tossed in a wok with onion and chillies red & green, and seasoned with just salt and pepper.

No cuttlefish-fishing would be complete without sashimi mixed with the infamous natto.  This dish was greatly improved by the addition of a whisked raw egg.


6 responses to “Cuttlefish cookery

  1. You had me until the end…*natto*. I hope it was all succulent!

  2. Amy, it was. Are you sure you could not be persuaded, with the addition of a raw egg to the natto?

  3. No natto for me thanks. peuw!

  4. Yes, I think an almost unanimous opinion has been reached…

  5. Culinary Philistines…

  6. glue sniffer…

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