Tip fitting – new whiting rod

Finally fitted the fibreglass tip to my whiting rod in progress.  The ordeal – choosing the tip out of a group of many, splining (always a bit of a gamble with the thin tips), filing the fibreglass (the dust is quite nasty stuff) and then slowly shaping the inner surface of the bamboo – took just a week this time, much faster than last, and I wrapped the joint with silk thread (as seen in this photo) and have put on the first coat of lacquer (now hardening in its coffin, seen in the background).  Now all the joints of the rod need to be lacquered, which will take probably about 2 months.


7 responses to “Tip fitting – new whiting rod

  1. Please tell me you were wearing a mask!

  2. I wore glasses to protect my glims, but no mask.

  3. Please, please wear a mask next time!

  4. I know I am not, but having friends who are sculptors, photographers and painters who have suffered severe allergies and other breathing problems, I just worry. I know you know better than to handle fiberglass and lacquer without protection…

  5. Well I don’t use power tools, so the dust does not travel everywhere, and my teacher schooled me well, in tidying up the workplace thoroughly after each session. He sleeps on the same floor that he cuts and sands fibreglass, lacquers and wood!

  6. Greetings Adam,
    I would like to see you do some videos of whiting and aji fishing.

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