New Record Fish

Tanago, from Teganuma.


8 responses to “New Record Fish

  1. Are you reporting it to Guinness?

  2. don’t bogart that whole fish. share some, eh?

  3. Amy:
    The Holy Grail of tanago fishing is to catch a fish that fits inside the diameter of a 1-yen coin. I have much to learn…

  4. chris:
    We shall cut it in half, and then those halves into half again, and again to infinity, and share the two sets between us?

  5. Congratulation !! You are the King of Teganuma.

  6. Hai! and we’ll split a bottle of sake. (to wash it all down)

  7. Pompey:
    Indeed. I will fashion a crown out of the dried twigs on the lake shore, and wait for my minions to bring me tribute.

  8. chris:
    So long as we don’t end up fighting over the scrap of fish, yes let’s. You can put it on my tab at your bar.

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