Ibaraki Trout

Good time fly fishing today, after a break of nearly a year.  After catching some 80+ species of fish – and some cephalopods – there seems to be a particular charm about taking trout on a fly, and I am most grateful to regular blog reader Clive who introduced me to this technique.

Rainbows filleted and ready for use; for eating, I prefer specimens about 30cm in size, as the pin bones are of no consequence and the flesh is quite delicate and perfect for shallow-frying, baking or steaming.

The day was finished with a simple dish of trout fillet, lightly seasoned with white pepper and salt, dusted in flour and quick-fried in a little olive oil – it wants less cooking, rather than more – with pesto-sauce pasta.  The dish was of course helped down with the native spirit shochu.


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