New Tanago Rod Project

Fresh start on a new tanago rod, this time hopefully having taken in a little of the advice my teacher gave me after looking at my previous finished rod.  This time I bought the bamboo as a set which had already been cut to size, fired and hollowed out. 




3 responses to “New Tanago Rod Project

  1. 新しい竿も頑張って下さい。タナゴは段々と不調になってきました。やはり近場のピークは12月の様です。春になると霞や北浦が良いですよ!

  2. Hello,
    Can you tell me where I can purchase a set of hollowed-out bamboo online? I’m in Canada and don’t speak Japanese.
    Thank you,

  3. Hi Abigail,
    I bought this set as a reject/cast-off from a friend of mine who is a professional rod maker. I’m sorry but I don’t know anywhere you can buy something similar online.

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