We are all Canadians now

Maple syrup-cure unsmoked bacon.  The sashimi knife may appear highly incongruous, but I have no bacon slicer at home and it is the only blade I have long enough to make a good job of cutting rashers.

Unlike Mr. Midshipman Callow, I could not manage 27 rashers of bacon in one sitting, but did my best to come close.  Despite the great culinary experiences you can have here in Tokyo, I have yet to eat good, and properly cooked, bacon, until I started making it myself.  Now I am getting more used to the various eccentricities of curing, and it is certainly working out well.

Sunday morning breakfast.  Mabuna and tanago freshwater fishing is largely catch & release, so I must seek other amusements for the table.  The pancakes – curiously referred to by the Japanese as “Hot Cake” – were tolerably good.


9 responses to “We are all Canadians now

  1. You want?
    I can send you some of my next batch. Bacon only, no pancakes though.

  2. Yes Please!!!

  3. Oh my goodness. Been here a long time and been pining over good bacon. Can you let us know where in Tokyo we can acquire the raw materials for such a glorious creation, and do you have nay tips and tricks on the process?

  4. Hi Steve,
    You’ll want Prague Powder No.1 (I buy it online from the US) and non-iodised salt for the curing; the meat I buy from Hanamasa as regular supermarkets here don’t sell big enough pieces. Then it is a matter of experimentation!

  5. Adam, You are the man sir!

    It will be a fun and tasty experiment.

    Many thanks. I just stumbled across this blog researching Aji fishing. I do a lot of fresh water fishing here, but am a beginner for saltwater fishing. Will be going out on the pier in Ito for Aji as soon as the rainy season stops.

    Little did I know that in my search for Aji information, I would find the “cure” for my bacon needs!

  6. Hi Steve,
    I forgot to mention, in the US generally Prague Powder No.1 is referred to as Insta-Cure No.1.
    Good luck and let me know how it works out! Have fun aji fishing too.

  7. Thanks Adam,

    I ordered Instacure #1 (from Amazon), and currently have my bacon curing away (on day 4 today). Yesterday and the day before, I cut a thin slice off and cooked it up, just to watch the process. Already the bacon is better than anything I have found in Japan. Thanks again!

  8. Hi Steve,
    Glad to hear it! I hope the final product bacon came out well in the end too.

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