Death to some

Ambrosia to others: natto, straight from Ibaraki, wrapped in native bundles of straw.

Although these days commercial natto producers usually start off the cultures by adding a small number of already fermented beans, originally the bacteria were supplied by the dried straw itself.

The beans liberated from the straw:

The natto, whisked up with some chopped spring onion, mustard and a raw egg, served with rice and ready for eating.  You may keep your foie gras or calipash and calipee, it is hard to beat a good natto-raw egg breakfast.


6 responses to “Death to some

  1. You are a brave man!

  2. Amy,
    After the batidos, I can face almost anything.

  3. Zing! I have never seen natto in its natural habitat, within the straw. It looks interesting, but I still couldn’t do it a second time. You are a better man than me…

  4. I’ll drink off a whole batido if you eat a bowl of the egg-natto…

  5. Hi 🙂 i am really so happy to see a traditional natto making human 🙂 could you please share your recipe with straw if you would not like to keep it 🙂 thanks so much

    • Hi arda sorry I haven’t made natto using straw myself, I bought this. I have made natto in the past, by back-slopping the culture from a store-bought natto.

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