And now for something completely different

After tidying up my room, I got back to work on my tanago rod.  I finally fitted the joints and put it together for the first time.  It looks kind of bent but that is not an issue at this stage and the rod will be straightened out over a fire twice before it is completed.

It is an eight-piece rod but the devilishly clever fellow who set the parts together (not me; I bought it in a semi-prepared state) did so to make all the smaller pieces fit inside the three largest, making it convenient for carrying.  This photo shows how they do so:

The final step before lacquering is to fit the very tip of the rod with a small piece of knotted cord.  This is the part of the rod to which you attach the line when fishing.

My whiting rod project is coming along too and I am almost ready to start fitting the guides and reel seat. 


2 responses to “And now for something completely different

  1. I am very interested in tanago and want to know where to get a rod. Please email me at [mail address redacted] thanks.

  2. Hi Loften,
    All the big tackle stores here – Johshuya, Casting, Sansui &c. – sell tanago rods, suited to all budgets and requirements.

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