More photos from Yozawa

Windowcat, looking down upon the earth like some kind of Olympian.  The joke was on him/her though, as I was going fishing!

I landed some native-born rainbows, but sadly no yamame this time.

I see these Plecopterans (stoneflies) on the river every time I fish there after about midday.  They have a remarkably annoying habit of trying to insinuate themselves into your eye-balls and the fish don’t seem interested in flies mimicking them. 

My next trip to Yozawa will hopefully be next week.


3 responses to “More photos from Yozawa

  1. I am glad to see Spring has arrived for someone! Though flowers are starting to open here, it is also between 45 and 55 degrees here. Those flies must have just read George Bataille…

  2. Amy,
    The sakura came and went, aided by the dreadful hailstorm and in Tokyo, strong southerly winds.
    Now I just need to obtain some boiled eggs, and prairie oysters, and I should be ready for my next trip.

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