Walking on a Sunday

in Tokyo.  Not fishing today, I took advantage of the excellent weather to go on a walkabout, heading north from my neighbourhood rather circuitously and seeing where I would end up.

I imagine no amount of heaving on the capstan nor starting the poor hands with the bosun’s “persuaders”, could make this eccentric vessel float – but it would be an hilarious place to live in.  The ‘sea’ around was full of carp, so there would always be fishing over the side with hand-lines, to pass away the hours whilst not on watch.

Breakfast was comprised of a brace of raw silkie eggs – recently purchased at Yozawa – broken onto rice.  All it wanted was natto, to make it fully delicious/repellent (delete where necessary).  I hope the next time I visit Yozawa these eggs are on sale as they are delicious and very rich in flavour; in the classic Japanese style, they are simply left out on a bench with a little unsecured piggy-bank for you to pay the money for your purchases into.  I wonder how long such a stall would last in London.

I bent my steps north and ended up at the root of the highly incongruous, highly metallic Tokyo Sky Tree in Oshiage.  Despite not being completed it has become something of a tourist sight, and being Sunday the streets were full of countrymen, gaping about themselves like moonstruck cowherds and taking the width of the pavement.  Fortunately the shop of a traditional bamboo rodmaker I know is in the vicinity and I escaped the throngs of bumpkins clogging the way to say hello and pick up some tied hooks for mabuna fishing. 


One response to “Walking on a Sunday

  1. Old and broke as so many USA residents are but propaganda and an elite-owned media downplays many realities within the USA… the home of the finest propaganda systems within the world, in my opinion.

    Visited Japan numerous times in 1975 and 1977 when our warship, part of the USA Navy present to prop up depots, warlords and others willing to obey and kowtow to USA corporations and the ruling elites’ lackeys entrenched within the USA federal government.

    Over the decades the general USA culture and too-numerous sub-cultures led to me despising the propaganda of “diversity is our strength” (a lie) and that ALL cultures are equally beautiful (a proclamation based upon emotion and useful only in disseminating propaganda and indoctrinating the generally ignorant masses of hoodwinked USA citizens).


    Oh how I wish I had the funds to relocate to Japan.

    Sure, no place is perfect but the USA has become, in my opinion, a horrid place in TOO MANY ways!!!

    Non-fiction reading about a multitude of topics across the decades with Japanese ancient, not-so-ancient history along with reading about the “recent” and “current” past among that reading I have desired an opportunity to leave the USA behind.

    But, the average, typical USA citizen within my socio-economic group with the multitude of hurdles placed before us (supporting our economic, political and social masters taking much of OUR earned wealth) being a reality forcing so many of us face-down into an economic mire as our masters walk atop us.


    Born in the USA and doomed to die here; likely of disease or another treatable condition but with limited to no access to health care…. well, crawl of and die, commoner.

    And the illegal alien invaders arriving by the multi-millions can use ploys and schemes unavailable to USA citizens to finagle free medical care… and our so-called leaders know it!!!!

    I sit here, reading your writing. Envious yet the daydreams the words create offer a pleasant alternative to daily reality.

    So, thanks for showing us a different reality than what too many of us in the former colonies are forced to contend with.

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