Lacquering in the rain

The glass plunged on Friday night and as promised, it rained all day yesterday, with a howling southerly wind.  I for one was not bothered, as I was not fishing and stayed at home to get some lacqueirng done.  High atmospheric humidity always helps the lacquer to polymerise quickly and without ruffling – it took six hours instead of the usual twelve for the coloured variety, and half a day instead of three for the raw stuff.  I have two mabuna rods, one tanago and one shirogisu whiting rod all in various stages of lacquering. 

Mother-of-pearl on my whiting rod.  The crushed shell is seated into the lacquer and then polished to a flat surface.  This is my first time using this technique so we shall see how it turns out.

Short (5 shaku) rod for mabuna fishing in ditches and shallows.  The lacquering on this rod is a secret technique that my teacher just recently let me in on.

Metallic powder-finish on the tanago rod.  Freshly painted on it looks a lovely gold now, but the lacquer should harden into a red/ruby colour.


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