At sea again

Nice to get out to sea after a break of some weeks.  There was something of a sea running, but otherwise the weather was warm and I picked up my first fishing sunburn of the year – skin grown pale from creek fly fishing and skulking about indoors during the winter months – and the fish put up a moderately good show. 

There were tall clouds over the Chiba shore and a southerly wind blowing most of the day, hinting at the coming weather…usually here in Tokyo the first week of May sees a Japanese version of the libeccio, and true to form and as if by the calendar, a howling south-westerly wind came on to blow last night.  I don’t foresee much fishing possible for at least a week or so, but they should die down before my tenpura charter on the 15th.  In the meantime I have plenty of rod making to keep me busy, including the polishing steps of lacquering my fly fishing landing net:

It has come on a very pleasant and rich chestnut colour and hopefully it will be ready to take back to the shop, to have a knotless net attached, by the end of this week.


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