Not quite

the stuff of Richard Henry Dana, but I do not envy the hand who had to furl the spanker this afternoon; whilst hardly the Roaring Forties, the fag-end of Typhoon Songda ensured we were all drenched through, from clew to ear-ring, but at least the fish put up a good show.  I think I snagged a bag of about forty-odd of whiting.  The day was also notable in that I caught a finger-ling green-ling, and the bamboo rod I built in 2009 is still giving good service.

The fishing boat we went on has a deal where you fish till half two, then bus you to a local natural onsen and the professional chefs there prepare a meal for you with the fish you have caught, whilst you bathe.  You even get your first beer free when dining!  It is very civilised and as the rain was incessant all day, the onsen and a change of clothes most pleasant, as was the food.  Whilst all the dishes were excellent, for me the stand-out was a dish of sashimi dressed with olive oil, red wine vinegar and pink peppercorns.

The wet weather but low temperature makes excellent conditions for urushi lacquering.  The mother-of-pearl finish on my upcoming whiting rod is coming up nicely.

My tanago rod is nearly ready too.

Thank you to Esamasa, sailing from Haneda, for the great day!

2 responses to “Not quite

  1. It sounds like the perfect day!

  2. Amy,
    It was…apart from the rain, which was incessant. My tackle bag and clothes still haven’t dried out yet!

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