More from Sunday

Another of the dishes prepared by the professional chefs at the onsen: fish roasted with garlic, olive oil, rosemary, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and served with plenty of squeezed lemon.  The fish was a veritable medley, comprising whiting, gurnard and at the bottom of the heap, a large croaker (the shark the angler next to me landed was returned to the sea, although some people to like to eat them).  This dish was one of my favourites of the whole meal.

 I don’t think I have ever been out fishing in such a rain.  I should not have bothered washing my fishing overalls since by the end of the day they were thoroughly cleaned within and without, and by the time we returned to our moorings in Haneda my allegedly waterproof boots were quite literally filled with water.  Just aft of the bridge – where the skipper was happily ensconced, with radio, heater and comfy chair – was a deck that had roofing of a sort and I fled here for the journey home.  The rain very occasionally let up a little (in a break I even managed to spot a pair of shearwaters, who seemed to be the only sea birds mad enough to be out in this weather) but for the most part it was like the photo below.  As we were fishing the shoal water in the centre of the Bay, most of the time we could not see either shore and it was only the red nakanose marker buoys that assured of us a world existing beyond one’s field of view.


Finally, I roused out a photo of the green-ling I caught; a new personal record, of sorts (it is a juvenile specimen of this fish).  My horrid shrivelled old person’s hand should give you an idea of how wet we were throughout the day. 



2 responses to “More from Sunday

  1. Jeez! I hope you were able to dry proper when you arrived at the onsen. At least you were fed very well, that weather seems extreme and ripe for getting sick. I hope your next fishing trip doesn’t allow you to feel as wet as the fish!

  2. Do not fear for my health; lots of Japanese grog (shochu) washed away the cold. And the ecstasy of dry, warm clothes which I had took the precaution of packing with me, after getting out of the onsen.

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