First time ayu fishing

Difficult but highly amusing angling; ayu taken on an ayu.  Many thanks to Mr. O. for everything, including such patient coaching!

P.S. New species added to the list!


7 responses to “First time ayu fishing

  1. ご無沙汰しております。少しお痩せになったのでは?

  2. shin-imさん、

  3. Ayu is extremely challenging exiting and extremely gratifying when you have a bucket full at the end of the day.
    Unfortunately, the typhoon put the kibosh on my planned trips this month. I’ll have to wait til next summer.

  4. Chris,
    Yes I know what you mean, this year’s weather has been odd. I’ve cancelled three ayu trips since July due to rain.
    There is always next season!

  5. Maybe let’s meet up next season!

    p.s… open a restaurant.

  6. Chris,
    Okely dokely. I’ve even got a pointy tanuki hat. You provide the booze. Open a bar…oh wait!

  7. Before I knew what ayu were I would catch them in Niigata at my in-laws property and throw them back because I thought they were too small. On one early morning outing I caught one that was much larger than the rest. I brought it back to the house (during obon) and everyone was amazed at the trophy I had caught 🙂 Now that I understand the pursuit of ayu, I cannot wait to go back to Niigata and fish for them properly 🙂

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