Finished rods

5-shaku mabuna rod.  I have yet to figure out a way to take nice pictures of rods in their entirety without they appear minute or require the reader to download awkward-sized images, so here is just the grip and the butt-ends of the two other pieces (I may lacquer the inserts once more as they still look a little raw):

Mid- to deep-water shirogisu whiting rod with bamboo root butt and large-ish guides for casting with a spinning reel (again not in its entirety):

Close-up view of the silver and mother-of-pearl inlay on the wrapped parts, which for my first attempt came out better than I expected, although they are hardly masterpieces:

Both rods need a rod bag and then they are ready to be fished!  I always feel my fishing rods are never wholly finished until they have had a fish on.


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