Michelangelo’s Trout

Many thanks to my ghillie for the day, Sig. Luca Castellani, who also took this video of my first brown trout (the fish in the previous post) on the River Tevere tail water.


5 responses to “Michelangelo’s Trout

  1. The water looks quite refreshing and you are all smiles, so I am guessing it all went beautifully. Meanwhile in NYC, we are covered in grime, sweat and soot. I think I am starting to look like a chimney sweeper…

  2. Amy, you are only an hour or so from Long Island, no grime or soot! Sweat depends on the person though…

  3. Adam,
    I will be going camping this weekend so that should help!

  4. Don’t forget the bug spray…

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