Whiting fishing

oh wait…

Pleasing by-catch off Kisarazu on Wednesday.  I also took a new species, a variety of anago eel that I have yet to identify.  Lots of iidako octopus and a couple of aji  too.  But the main target for the day was shirogisu whiting, and I took a hat-full; all other by-catch was returned to the Bay.

This time I thought I’d try something new, and after filleting and sun-drying the fish, I smoked them.  Whiting is a very lean, white flesh so I used beechwood chips which give a comparatively mild smoke.  After smoking the fish needs a few days, partially covered, in the fridge to dry out a little and for the smoke-taste to really settle and the harsher flavours to mellow out.  They are ready to eat now, so I suspect this weekend I will make a kedgeree.


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