Old Friends

Fishing for magochi, or flathead, today I had no luck on the water; this was hardly surprising though as I did not meet Fishing Cat in the morning on my way to the boat.  However, my rod making teacher caught a hatful and very kindly rescued my dinner, or at least I will be dining on delicious white fish tonight instead of ramen or Indian takeaway:

Magochi is one of the Japanese game fish that requires a small amount of chirurgical skill, as it is first killed by cutting its spine at the neck and tail, and then a piano wire is passed through its spinal cord.  All sushi chefs and the more serious angler-cooks, or at least the less squeamish, do this; the difference in the quality of the meat is fairly startling.  After this, the fish is pretty easy to prepare despite some nasty spines on its head.  The meat will be breadcrumbed and fried, and a surprisingly good soup made from the head and fins:

Time for a beer and then I must prepare the tartare sauce of infamy.


2 responses to “Old Friends

  1. Adam I was in Narita airport yesterday on my way back from shanghai and was soooo tempted to go fishing if only for a day in your amazing japan!

  2. Hi shar,
    Next time leave 24 hrs between your connecting flights and drop me a line!
    Hope you have a safe flight home,

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