Fried things

Flathead chunks breadcrumbed & served with the secret tartare sauce of infamy…

Like all breadcrumbed fish should be, the flathead came out neither greasy nor heavily-coated; just a thin, crisp water-tight wrapping to make sure the fish steams in its own juices till cooked through. 


Having a pot of boiling oil to hand is something of a rarity in my kitchen, so rather than it go to waste after frying the fish, I made some “rice-croquettes” (where rice is substituted for mashed potato, and the Bechemel filling is just a cube of Cheddar cheese) and these came out surprisingly well.

 However, I am glad I had some cherry tomatoes, tossed in vinegar, olive oil, garlic and a little onion, to cut through the frying-oil.  Also I reserved the bones and fins of the flathead to make soup, at a later date (I had become too tired and emotional by the time I had eaten the fried stuff, to think about making a fish stock).


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