The bamboo nori frames are stuck in place at Kanazawa Hakkei; the nori will be ready to harvest in December.  I always like sailing from Hakkei and this time was no different.

This photo was from last Tuesday; the weather was still roasting-hot but at least there was a breeze.  Today I went herabuna fishing in Tokyo to crown off three trips in the last week – flathead, aji and hera – and we have a another long weekend from this Friday, so we shall see what’s to do then.

Over the holidays I also broke down and bought a secondhand bamboo herabuna rod; my current one, also bought secondhand, is near its end, creaking whenever there is a fish on and somewhat warped beyond repair.  I consider it a marvel that it is indeed the first bamboo rod I have bought this year, and it being September; however, in hindsight I have built three new rods myself in 2011!   With the autumnal equinox soon upon us it is almost offshore haze season, so I broke out my haze rods from storage and look forward to hitting the water soon.  I replaced the black nylon line on a couple of my rods with a new-fangled high visibility white line, and re-greased the joints in preparation.

From the cook-house: salt beef cooked in the Jewish deli-style (of course served with very vinegary dill pickles, hot mustard and rye bread).  This stuff is boiled for many hours and then eaten hot, but if instead it is caked with crushed black pepper and hot-smoked, and thin-cut, it becomes pastrami.

I also dry-cured some pork which made acceptable bacon.  This time I used a brown sugar cure:

The rashers ended up as a gift for a neighbour, but the end-pieces (usually a bit salty and difficult to slice properly) were easily taken care of in a simple pasta, chopped up and sauteed with red bell peppers, shiitake mushrooms and Japanese shiso leaves:


4 responses to “Autumn-time

  1. Adam if youre ever in NYC visit KATZ’S deli on the bowery side (houston street) and you will not regret.
    it is bar none the best pastrami and tounge sandwich on EARTH.

  2. Hi SHAR,
    Yes thanks I will definitely try to visit Katz’s when I am next in New York; I just looked at their website and fairly drooled).
    All the best,

  3. it IS the place where “harry met sally” (filmed on site) with the famous scene…and on the walls are everybody who is anybody from bill clinton to obama to the dali lama!

  4. Next time I’m in New York, I’m there! After Kababish, of course.

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