harvested some fruit of the living fossil Ginkgo biloba last Friday.  These are something of a delicacy here in Japan, and these were quite spectacular specimens; almost the size of grapes.  I need to remove the quite smelly flesh from the fruit and then sun-dry the seed within, before they are edible.

Post-Typhoon Roke high seas and contrary winds meant no fishing for me this long weekend, but I have been busy cooking.  Home-cured pork can be put to a great many uses, not just breakfast rashers, and yesterday I made spaghetti alla carbonara.


Carbonara is a most abused and violated Italian recipe – some utterly hideous interpretations both here and in the UK –  yet I hoped my version was not too un-authentic.  Whilst my salt-pork is hardly close to the cured meat used in the right true carb0nara, at least I did not resort to the heresy of cream, or  onions or God help us, peas.  Next time I’ll twirl the pasta into a fancy-dan twist.


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