Took advantage of the sunny weather

to dry out some bamboo on my balcony: three varieties in various stages of drying.  The hoteichiku in the fore is probably ready to be used to make rods this winter.  The more greenish stuff is yadake that wants at least another year of drying.  In the background in the blue net are my liberated ginkgo nuts.

As an aside, the 7x waterproof spyglass (monocular) I ordered arrived last night.  Whilst for obvious reasons I try not to look through it out on my balcony too often, in the evening I could spot at least one Jovian moon (looking at charts later it was probably Callisto) with it, not bad for a little 7×28 device which I bought mostly for its rugged and waterproof nature to take when I go fishing.  I look forward to putting it to good use on the water in the future.


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