Sunday Haul

I gave the better part of my catch – and certainly the bigger fish – to my local sushi restaurant, as the boss always give me extra stuff for free whenever I dine there and I have to meet a native chef who does not like to have haze.  There was still plenty of fish left over for me, so I filleted some for tenpura and some others I left whole but eviscerated, to be fried whole.  This size the gobies can be eaten whole,  head and all, but I like to avoid eating the innards.


 In addition to the fish, my haul from yesterday includes some very kind gifts from other anglers on my charter: a huge, huge bag of country grapes and also, some very pleasing traditional craft-work from Saruya, a three hundred year-old company in Nihonbashi.


Also a package was waiting for me when I arrived home in the evening, slightly tired and emotional, and to my delight it was the copy of Norie’s Epitome that I had ordered online a while ago.  I do like old books – browsing the shops in Jinbocho makes a great day out.   Some shreds of tobacco fell out of Norie’s when I opened the page with the astronomical chart!  Among other things, it is the book that Hornblower promises to refer to, when challenged over the difference between a head and a halliard on his first day at sea.  Norie’s may also lay claim to having one of the longer titles in history…


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