Two new recipes

for haze.  First, pakora (or would they be bhajya?)-style coats for the whole fish, deep-fried, and served with lime wedges.

Then I made a yanagawa-dish with the fillets.  Usually this dish is made with dojoh loaches, or unagi eels.  Haze seems to answer pretty well.


Yanagawa-nabe should always be served with the curious spice known in Japanese as sanshou and in English, Sichuan pepper.  For Japanese cooking, I only use the pre-ground stuff which I buy (or get relatives to buy for me when they are in town) from a company in Kyoto, which keeps pretty well in sachets in the freezer.  In Sichuan cooking, this spice gives the mala ‘numbing’ taste to so many famous Sichuan dishes, yet curiously here in Japan it is only generally served with unagi and yanagawa.


2 responses to “Two new recipes

  1. So where are the recipes? Especially the first one? 😦

  2. Hi Joel,
    Stay tuned.

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