means cooking good food; there are very few bad ways to prepare fresh line-caught cuttlefish and after the success of yesterday’s fishing trip I have a great mountain of squid meat to deal with.

First up is the Korean dish ojinguh jeot, or at least my interpretation of it: plenty of chilli but not fermented.  This time I made the chilli heat authentic Korean-level and it proved a trebly-shotted capsaicin broadside: a perfect eye-opener with cold beers after getting out of a hot bath at the end of a long day fishing.

Next up was a niche dish, but one of my favourites, made according to Captain Ota‘s very own recipe: legs and off-cuts and things of the cuttlefish stewed in their own intestines, qualified with a little soy sauce, sake rice wine and a healthy slug of chilli oil.

The last dish of the day was cuttlefish pieces in tomato sauce pasta.  Very simple and easy to make with lots of white wine, garlic and olive oil; the squid itself put in the reduced tomato sauce at the very last moment and the pan taken off the fire, so that it is just seized and no more.  Served with some grated Parmesan cheese it requires little else and was gratefully eaten up.    At this stage, there was nothing more to be done – the infernal scrubbing of the squid ink from kitchen and fishing tackle long completed and those cuttlefish not to be eaten this day were cleaned and packed in Ziplock bags and refrigerated – other than finish my glass of native spirits and stumble off to bed.


2 responses to “Cuttlefish-fishing

  1. loved the last one!

  2. Hi SHAR,
    Thanks; normally I make it with the squid ink in the pasta sauce, but extracting the ink sacs is is fiddly and very messy, and it was coming to the end of a long and tiring day. Hopefully I can get in another cuttlefish trip this season.

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