A quiet day out on the water today, with the weather being neither winter nor autumn: strangely hazy with a low cloud cover.  It didn’t stop me getting sunburnt but a neap tide meant slow fishing throughout the day.  I took six  big aji and a brace of the curious ‘talking’ fish ishimochi in the day.   Compare this image of Hakkei Island, complete with nori seaweed beds, with previous photos

In hindsight, it is not surprising the fishing was slow; for one, I did not meet Fishing Cat in the early morning when I set out, and when we were at moorings, a river cormorant sat on one of the fore bitts with its wings ahoo, a sign of ill luck if ever there was, before we set sail.

However, the fishing itself was fun and it was nice to get out on the water.  Aside from a Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force slop-ship giving herself airs on the Bay, it was interesting to see a variety of vessels out on the water, including some pretty yachts, the odd man o’war,  and some absolutely gigantic container-ships.  Aji are always good eating and my catch is destined for the smoker; the ishimochi talkers I made a gift of to my local sushi restaurant.  Many thanks as always, to Kanazawa Hakkei’s Bentenya.


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