Haze Fishing

Good day out on the water today.


3 responses to “Haze Fishing

  1. First to make comment here!
    I am from JD-san’s blog because I love fishing Haze.

    I am wondering that your fishing style seems somewhat similer as Japanese and especially interested in that the hand-making Japanese bamboo lod is one of your hobbby. I wish I also making bammboo lod by myself. So please show your process in the blog to make it if possible in next time!

    Please accept my poor English!

  2. Sorry!
    I could find your so many processes of bamboo lod from older posts.
    So nice!

  3. Dear Piquet-san,
    Thank you for posting and for your kind comment.
    Please visit again soon to see as I am always making new bamboo rods!

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