Haze: tenpura

Whilst I pride myself in cooking and consuming those fish I keep in the bag, there is an occasional pleasure to be had in having a professional cook up something for you when you have been in luck.  In this case, tenpura made from the haze I caught on Sunday (the stick on the side is littleneck clams speared on a bamboo skewer, a frivolous diversion):

In particular, tenpura and other deep-fried foods come out so much better when done in a restaurant as they want a big pot of hot oil, much larger than is practical at home. 

Whilst this did not comprise any part of my catch the sushi was excellent too!  This chutoro was the crowning piece in a feast of epic proportions.  Many thanks as always to Mr N. of Okame-sushi, one of my favourite sushi restaurants of all time (found in Shiba, Tokyo).


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