New post, new tag: charcuterie

My first attempt at charcuterie came to fruition today: lomo embuchado.  I even bought my own special cured meat (bendy) knife for the occasion.  The taste is very good, though it remains to be seen over the next couple of days whether or not I will develop a botulism infection; it is after all, raw pork cured in a certain fashion.

In the meantime, I have some duck meat and Iberico pork curing in my fridge, so we shall see how it goes. 


2 responses to “New post, new tag: charcuterie

  1. Adam,
    That looks good for a first attempt. Did you mean botulism, or trichinosis, which is often associated with raw pork? I would prefer the latter!

  2. Hi Jim,
    I’ve been eating it for the last few days and touch wood, so far seem to be okay.
    Over the New Year I will attempt some pancetta and maybe black pudding – both of these are cooked so not as edgy as the prosciutto-type stuff.
    I hope you are enjoying the holiday season in Alaska!

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