“New” landing net

did the trick.  This of course was a net I bought ready-made last year but raw bamboo, which I lacquered by hand myself and then had the knotted netting replaced with a synthetic knotless mesh.

It was nice to catch a wild rainbow trout on my trusted Thebault silk line and then land the creature with my home-lacquered net.  The weather was terrible and precluded catching yamame, but the rainbows, wild and stocker, put up a good show and I was not disappointed, although everything was on nymphs or wet flies.  The fishery is always good for ornithology and the crowning glory of the day was, for me perhaps, spotting a very unseasonal wariangle/shrike (Linnaeus’ L. bucephalus) – my first in Japan, and what I take to be a good omen.  Thanks as always to Yozawa trout stream and I hope to catch some yamame on a dry fly when the weather improves!


2 responses to ““New” landing net

  1. Another very cool post, Adam. I miss the bull-headed shrikes I used to see in Japan. Shrikes are in serious decline in North America, but at a couple of my fishing haunts, one being on the upper Tamagawa near Noborito, the other being on the Hanamizugawa in Hiratsuka, I could usually count on seeing shrikes – or at least the evidence of shrikes where they’d pinned their trophies (insects, worms) to barbed wire or fencing to mark their territory.

  2. Thanks! I was very surprised to see one at this time of the year. Next time I will look out for some of his infamous trophies; in England they used to call them butcher-birds. Curiously enough in the UK the shrike is making a limited comeback with a number of breeding pairs spotted after decades of absence.
    On this river (Akigawa tributary), with warmer weather you can also see kingfishers common and pied, cuckoos, egrets, wagtails, all sorts; and there is a resident pair of enormous black kites that often come to watch you when you are fishing.

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