Made the trip to

Aoki again, to buy some bamboo for my rod making.  As always, I was made most welcome and came back home positively laden with bamboo and supplies.  Indeed, the rod-maker most generously gave me two enormous bundles of bamboo for practising cane-firing for free, and the root-bamboo at a highly discounted price.  Thank you as always, to Mr. Y. of Kawaguchi, Saitama.

The bamboo I immediately set to dry on my balcony, and I look forward to the (labour-intensive) firing as I am sure it will make good practice.  I took the precaution of buying some root-bamboo for my future rod making, which was much cheaper than buying it here in Tokyo, and of better quality:

Anyway, the professional rod maker also gave me some thick pieces of bamboo to make cases for my tanago rods…which I gladly accepted with only a token resistance.  As another shot to add to my locker I hope to learn how to make good bamboo rod cases for the fishing rods I make, and I am most grateful for the supplies and the generous advice given to me on the day.

Anyhow, urushi lacquering of my tanago rods progresses as usual, and now is the time to decide what kind of finish to do the wrapped parts in.  We shall see how they turn out…


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