God help

sailors out on a night like this. My barometer reads 979 mb and we currently have 22 m/s winds (a Beaufort 9) in my part of Tokyo: it sounds like someone is playing a fire-hose on my flat.  Anyway, today I despatched the last of my smokehouse salmon in a classic dish: with buttered eggs.  In certain hotels in Paris and Normandie I have been served a version of this, but none can compare to my home-smoked, home-made variety, made with big, big chunks of smoked salmon, the whole seasoned very lightly with ground white pepper and served on white bread just toasted till crusty.  It wants no other flavouring or seasoning and I am amazed I had the presence of mind to take a photo of the dish before devouring it.


2 responses to “God help

  1. This post reminds that I need to make time to smoke some salmon this summer. By the way, which part of Tokyo do you live in? I lived in Shinjiku for awhile, then moved to Noborito, which I really liked. Later I moved to Tsuchiura, then to Nanao. Nanao was an incredible experience, and overall my favorite. I also spent a lot of time in Hiratsuka, and really enjoyed fishing and combing the beaches there as well as going for bike rides to Enoshima.

  2. I’m east, near the Sumida river, not far from the sea. 10 minute ride to my nearest sport fishing boat. Living in Tsuchiura must have been nice, with such a fishery at your doorstep. Great birdwatching opportunities too, I am sure.
    I look forward to seeing the smoked salmon you create this summer!

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