Fly fishing

under the sakura cherry blossoms…

Despite the copious, long-winded fetishism associated with fly fishing – if a trout were caught for every word written on the subject of fly fishing, surely the poor creatures would have been extinct in the last century – I have found here stream fishing in Japan, just two flies produce at least 90% of all my catches: parachute Adams and hare’s ear.  Today was no exception; this wild rainbow was taken on a green #16 Adams…


6 responses to “Fly fishing

  1. I suspect a parachute Adams and a hare’s ear could account for 90% of virtually every trout angler’s catches everywhere.

    Much is written here in the US about Japanese tenkara masters using only one fly pattern for all their fishing, but Western-style fly fishermen could do just the same – and just about as well.

  2. Hi Chris, you’re probably right. Yet most shops and home fly tyers have enough flies for every day of the year, and then some.
    The tenkara old hand at the Sansui shop in Shibuya told me he uses just two patterns. He showed me them; occasionally they are for sale at the shop.
    I am going to fish this river by tenkara one day. It seems suited for it.

  3. Hi Adam,
    Beautiful photo of the stream – iconically Japanese. The bass fishing ought to be nearing full swing now, too. Three more weeks of teaching for us, and then down to the Kenai Peninsula for the summer.
    Greatly enjoying your blog.

  4. Thanks!
    Will you be finding time to go fishing for salmon in Kenai?

  5. Yes, in fact, the saltwater season starts with halibut and king salmon moving closer to shore in May. By July big numbers of silver and pink salmon arrive. This is also when lingcod – a very exciting gamefish – come into season. Rockfish are around all year, but mid-summer is the best time to find them as well. Of course, with the new sailboat, we will be devoting a lot of time to getting her Bristol and learning to sail her. We’re nervous about that, but very eager to begin learning. As to the fishing, we just received an order of 24 large saltwater flies that ought to prove enticing to the various species here. We fish bait sometimes (frozen or fresh herring), but mostly we fish lures and flies. We truly enjoy taking people out and putting them on fish… so, if you ever want to put a pin on Alaska on your map…

  6. You are very kind; the fishing out your way sounds great. I have never caught halibut or any of the salmon and would like to add them to the list one day…and my kitchen! Who knows, one day I may end up knocking on your door.

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